Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: Which One is Better?

When we are bored or want to hang out with friends, the most popular way is watching movies. It is not always possible to watch movies at the theatre. Sometimes we like to spend time with our friends at home. That’s why people borrowed Cds or DVDs from stores in the past. Now things have been changed.

Now people look for streaming sites to watch movies online. Netflix and Amazon Prime are the two most popular sites where people can enjoy thousands of movies, Web series with a limited amount of subscriptions.  

Both Netflix and Amazon prime is the most popular Movie streaming sites so far. But they have some unique features that make them different from each other.

Today, we are going to differentiate these two streaming sites. 

So, let’s get started.


The first comparison we would like to discuss Netflix and Amazon Prime video is their pricing plans. Price Netflix and Amazon Prime video are almost similar. Netflix’s pricing plans start from $7.99/month to $11.99/month. Whereas Amazon Prime video’s pricing plan starts from $8.99/month to $13/month.

Streaming Speed

Amazon Prime Video has been providing 15 Mbps streaming speed in both of its pricing plans. On the other hand, the streaming speed of Netflix has increased according to their pricing plan.

On their Basic Package, they are providing 3 Mbps (SD) streaming speed, on Standard Package, they are providing 5 Mbps (HD) streaming speed, and last but not the least, on their Premium Package they are providing 25 Mbps (4k) streaming speed.

Simultaneous Streaming Screen

The simultaneous streaming on both of these streaming sites varies based on the pricing plan. On Amazon Prime Video they are offering 2 screens simultaneous streaming but on Netflix simultaneous streaming screens are different on each plan. 

Free Trial

Both of them are offering a one-month free trial and offline video watching facilities.

Comparison of Contents

If we talk about the contents of both of these streaming sites, we would say Amazon Prime video is better than Netflix. Amazon Prime Video has a collection of 23,000+ movies and 2,000+ TV Shows. Whereas Netflix has around 4,000+ movies and 1600+ TV shows. 

The reason Netflix has a lower number of movies and TV Shows because they are mainly concentrating on producing their own content. Those who watch Netflix, they mostly subscribe for their own contents not for the regular movies, or TV shows. I know there are exceptions. If you are looking for regular movies, and TV shows the best streaming site for you will me Amazon Prime Video.

User Experience

Now if you ask me among Netflix and Amazon Prime Video who is better in terms of user experience, then I can undoubtedly say its none other than Netflix.

Netflix has the most user-friendly interface I have found in any other streaming sites. A new user can easily find whatever he is looking for. On the contrary, the interface of Amazon Prime Video is a bit clumsy. A user might feel lost while he is looking for something.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Which one is better?

It is actually difficult to compare between these two amazing streaming sites. So far, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are the best and most popular streaming sites in the market. If you ask us which one you should choose to watch movies, then we would recommend you to choose the best streaming site based on your requirement. 

If you are looking for a huge library for regular movies, and TV shows you should go for Amazon Prime Video. But if you want to watch some original content rather than the regular ones, then you should undoubtedly choose Netflix.