GetResponse Reviews: The Best Email Marketing Tools

Businesses around the world are looking for affordable e-mail marketing. This is because everybody wants to catch up with targeted customers, rapidly and at low cost. There is no other brand to promote such an easy to adopt a marketing strategy than Offering the free trial feature the website becomes the world’s most famous online marketing program.

Getresponse the best email marketing tool

 GetResponse Reviews

This is an easy one. Creators of the program are keeping it simple so that anybody can use the online features. Businessmen are only required to fill in their customer’s mailing list into the program and is going to send e-mails and newsletters to them.

Online campaign tools are also available for entrepreneurs wanting to pass their message to other people. It is apparent in most of the countries and it is interpreted to most languages spoken worldwide.

Usually marketing programs used to cost a fortune. Not this one. is quite affordable for the people that need it. With more than 4 distinct editions the program is not expensive at all.

The creation of campaigns, newsletters, and webinars are some unique options that is proud to offer to its customers.

The best Edition for Your Needs in GetResponse

getresponse pricing and plans

            There are 4 different programs available for businesses with various needs.

The Email.

This is priced as low as $15 per month and includes an e-mail list of about 1,000 customers.

It can support only one user and the creation of special landing pages. It can also offer autoresponders.

This is the preferred plan for people that start using the online marketing tools. Easy and affordable for most people.

The Pro.

This edition of the program is directed to small businesses and entrepreneurs.

It offers all features of the previous edition plus enhanced webinars and more users (up to 3). Organizing and tracking of web events is available in the Pro edition combined with the adoption of a CRM program.

Automation and tracking of abandoned cart are also among the favorite features that are kindly offered.

This edition enables the use of up to 5,000 customer e-mails in its database. All these are offered in the unbelievable price of $49 per month.

The Max.

When businesses advance in work volume and experience e-mail marketing strategy needs be more sophisticated.

With this plan all previous features are offered plus the special consultation for ongoing campaigns and large-scale webinar sessions.

The users are now increased to 5 persons. But while options are leveraged prices are kept well below average: only $165 per month are enough for a business to register to such program.

The Enterprise.

Now this is the edition of choice for well established big businesses. It includes all the previous features and has a dedicated IP address and an authorized account manager.

The e-mail customer database is limited to 100,000 mails and there is special consultation on the type of e-mails that are sent. The infrastructure can be customized according to business needs.

In addition 10 users can also operate the program and have specialized consultation in all e-mail campaigns that are launched.

The price is kept in the reasonable level of $1,199 per month that is well accepted by most of the customers worldwide.

GetResponse the Best E-mail Marketing Tool Online

getresponse review

 The program is specifically designed for entrepreneurs that have no previous knowledge of online marketing tools. You can easily create a campaign in a matter of minutes. Customers are loving the quality of the e-mails and the pace of receiving them. Spam free is the option of choice for and all the e-mails are reaching their inbox destination for sure.

Features of GetResponse

The features for what the GetResponse has got its popularity of being the best email marketing tool are stated below.

 GetResponse is Reliable

Absolutely positive.

GetResponse is present and active for a long time so that everybody can trust it. It also offers a free trial version for people to use it for limited time and decide if it fits their needs.

This is the only available online e-mail marketing program that offers a variety of automated webinars and e-mail strategies. Not to mention that is always a distinct website.

With more than 300 templates that are uniquely designed you can make a difference. It is also easy to use by people around the globe since it speaks their own language.

The support is offered by dedicated personnel all year round and not only in “business hours”.

No Overpriced

Not at all. With only $15 monthly fee for its basic edition, GetResponse is by far the most affordable online email marketing program.

Even in the Enterprise edition the costs are easily absorbed by the growth of business that the tool offers. Overall this program gets a perfect balance in the value for money ratio.

GetResponse Discount Package

Absolutely has. When deciding to pre-pay a 12-month subscription to the program then you can enjoy a generous 18% discount in the announced per month price. But the good news is not limited to that.

Every business that decides to register for the 24-month subscription would enjoy a crazy 30% discount from the initial prices. This makes GetResponse looking like a crazy bargain for businesses that want to succeed in online marketing.

features of getresponse

CRM Innovation and Update in GetResponse

GetResponse is offering a unique CRM program that covers all the different needs of its customers. No matter what type of business they are performing, customers are easily categorized and presented.

Reports can also be created through the program, while deals and negotiations are easily seen using the CRM program. Users can always be in touch with their customers using the innovations offered by


With GetResponse you can enjoy the best organized webinars designed for online tools available.

Webinars can be set up at no time and can be customized to fit the individual customer needs. Their accessibility is tremendous since they can be accessed either by laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Leads are promoted through social media and the audience remains engaged all the time. Also, the use of high-quality video recordings and the follow up series add to the customer satisfaction and build stronger relationships.

Advanced Landing Pages Technology

The progress in landing pages technology is obvious in GetResponse online program.

It creates special content and images that attract the customer’s attention while on our site. Then it promotes sales introducing the countdown timer that creates a sense of urge to the potential customers.

Finally, it helps the users create their own personal type of landing page working mobile and this is revolutionary.

Autoresponders Offered in GetResponse

Depending on the nature of each business registered at different types of autoresponders are available. They pop up while customers are searching for information into the site and give time-based messages.

This practice creates a friendly and informative environment that challenges the customer to make the final purchase or even stay loyal to the business site.

Other Features

GetResponse also offers infographics and unique templates so that your audience will stay amazed for long time. It can also support multiple users that is certainly a plus since you can’t do everything by yourself.

GetResponse is here to offer you its well-established knowledge in the domain of the e-mail marketing.

Finally, the option of an account manager is available in the Enterprise edition and makes the interaction with GetResponse a lot more professional.

The coordinator can virtually do anything for you and be held responsible for any actions. Nobody can get disappointed though since 24/7 live support is offered in any edition of the GetResponse program and this creates a safe environment for all businesses.

Final Verdict

It is obvious that GetResponse gathers all the pros you need to enjoy from an online marketing agency. They are affordable for any type of small or large business.

This is the key point to dominate the market. Then they are reliable in a way that no other site can. They are many years on the market, people trust them and work in an organized base so that they can build your e-mail strategy in the most efficient way.

GetResponse also uses and enables innovative tools to enhance customer satisfaction.

Landing pages, automated responders and webinars will be customized to your own needs and be offered to the public. This action enhances their engagement to your online business and your website.

The e-mail database that it support is huge and the CRM program that is offered is by far the most convenient and reliable on the market.

To conclude, if you need a reliable and easy to access partner to boost your internet sales and engagement you have found the right one.

Affordable and innovative GetResponse can give you the online solutions that will take your business to the next level. Work with the best and you will always be at your best!