CrashPlan Reviews: Best Online Backup Services for Small Business

When we hear the term crash, it sounds disappointing, right? Whether it’s a hard drive crash, car crash or a plane crash, it always creates a mess. Today we won’t talk about plane crash or car crash but we will talk about something that can come to your life and can create a certain mess.

Let’s start with a short story. Suppose, you are a graphic designer and you have a presentation with your client today. You have created a killer presentation and before 30 minutes of the meeting your laptop hard drive have been crashed?

What will you do then? You might say you carry a backup with you. But what if you will forget to take backup on last night. You will definitely lose your client.

It’s a mess isn’t it?

Well, today we will talk about a backup tool software that is actually a blessing for individuals and business organizations. We are going to review on Crashplan. It’s actually an amazing paid cloud based software.

best backup tool crashplan reviews

You might say, you take your backup all the time on external hard drives or cloud sync solutions like google drive, dropbox etc. Then why should you go for a paid software. Well, CrashPlan is created for taking information backup.

I am writing this content to acknowledge you about the reason of choosing this software for your business. Recently, I am using this software and I am quite happy with it.

So, let’s get Started.

What is CrashPlan?

CrashPlan is a data protection and backup software. It is a cloud based automated system that will take backup of your PC or laptop. CrashPlan will run continuously on your device and will take backup.

Crashplan reviews

 It has a “to do list” feature. So, once you will create a new file or change any existing files, it will add it to it’s to do list and it will take backup within the next backup schedule.

It has a custom backup schedule facility that means you can set your backup schedule as you want. It is a best choice for small business owners, IT owners and IT consultants.

Features of CrashPlan

As I have mentioned before, CrashPlan is such a software that can save your job from a disaster. I have already mentioned that it is a cloud based automated system. So, once you install it, it will start to take continuous backup and you won’t even realize it. Some of its features are:

  • Free to Install
  • It takes continuous backup.
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Customized file retention
  • You can add unlimited device
  • Dedicated customer support and lots more.

Besides, it has three backup features that I need to mention:

crashplan backup software

Continuous Backup:

This is the process where you will set a custom backup schedule during your work day. It will verify the files first to avoid file corruption.

Intelligent Backup:

It takes backup of the current files you are working on right now. It always create a precise folder and starts to take backup of your current project.

Multiple Backup Sets:

Well, you have lots of projects on your PC and some of them are very important and some of them are not. This feature allows you to set custom backup schedule for some specific projects. So that you can easily take custom backups for the important ones and the other ones later on.

File Backup & Restoration Process

The actual Job of CrashPlan is to Backup your important files. CrashPlan ensures your information’s safety. So there is no possibility to lose any file and you can recover it whenever you want to.

Backup Process

When you are about to backup your files, you need to mention the file destinations and backup destinations as well. As it does not backup files based on file extensions, so you need to tag them properly.

CrashPlan has a feature that you can add your local hard drive. We all know that CrashPlan is a cloud system and local drives restore data faster than cloud systems. By using CrashPlan you can have your informations on your local drives as well. Now, Let’s say you don’t want to  have backups on your local drives. You can add your external hard drive with your PC and take backup from there using CrashPlan. The best facility of Using this system is that your PC will not get slow and backup process will not bother you during your projects.

Restoration Process

As I have told you, you can restore your data whenever you want to. You can restore your information from CrashPlan in two ways.

First of all, you can download the information directly from the web browser. You just need to go to the devices and click on restore and download your informations. In this process, you don’t have to download the CrashPlan Client. If you have purchased CrashPlan small business account, you can directly download information that has been already taken backup by your employees.

The second process is, you need to open the CrashPlan client and select the desired  link of your project and click restore. Locations of your files will be similar to the files being saved on your PC.

Pros and Cons

This is the most interesting part for me. This is where you will know about the advantages and disadvantages of a product. Everytime I discuss pros and cons of a product I have come to realize that there is nothing is this world full of advantages. CrashPlan has some pros and some cons too.


  1. Price is cheap
  2. Easy to install
  3. 24/7 Customer support
  4. Unlimited storage
  5. Smartphone Access


  1. Slow upload speed
  2. Does not allow File Sharing


When it comes about price, all of us thinks that, the price have to be good, if the quality of the product is good. But this time the situation is a bit different.

plan free trail

CrashPlan provides you one month free trial and as soon as it is completed you will pay $10 per month.

 Isn’t it interesting?

Of Course, it is. If paying $10 a month can secure all your essential data, then why should not I go for it?

CrashPlan is providing their services over 50,000+ Customers globally. Some of the trusted companies like Adobe, MIT are also protected by CrashPlan. So, Why you are waiting for it? Try it Now.

CrashPlan vs Other Cloud Sync Solution

You can say that I can take backup on cloud sync solutions like dropbox, google drive, onedrive etc. for free. Then why should I spent money on CrashPlan?

Yes, you are right. You can take backup on Cloud Sync Solutions. But my dear friend, these are not created to take backup your information. It has been created to transfer large files.

You can store your information but it is not created for that purpose. Moreover, they don’t ensure your information safety. On the other hand, CrashPlan is created to backup your necessary files and folders. Though it takes money but it is affordable.

Once you install it and setup the backup process, you are done. Now, it will take backup automatically. It will not bother you anymore. So, I would prefer you to go for CrashPlan.

My Experience with CrashPlan

I am professionally a web developer and I have to work with hundreds of clients. Most of them are international clients. Last year, in december I had to deliver a clothing apparel website project.

One day before deadline my hard drive was crashed. Though I had backups on my external hard drive for that project, but I lost all the informations of my previous clients. I have their contact informations but I lost the projects that year and I didn’t have any idea what to do. I was actually very upset for that.

I have to mention that I have a very long term business relationship with my client and when he heard about this he told me to use CrashPlan.

I am not sure about the security, upload and download speed and other facilities. He asked me to try it for a month and then decide.

Then I decided to give a try. As soon As I started to use it, it feels amazing. I don’t need to get worried about taking backups. Since, then I am using it and I would recommend all of you to have a try.

All of we know that when we need to take backup for our projects, its really time consuming. Sometimes your PC might get slow or might stop working. But CrashPlan actually resolves this issue.

After completing installation and backup process setup, it will start taking backups automatically. It will not bother you while taking backup and your PC will work absolutely fine. It takes time while uploading backups. But it takes around 9 to 10 minutes to download the backup file. You can take backups around 20GB per day.

However, the security system of CrashPlan is great. It has created an encryption key for you. If you forget the password, it can be reset by the customer service. You might say that there is a chance to hack your password and download your data.

Well, they have another solution for you. You can create a private encryption from your CrashPlan Client Desktop Panel.

Moreover, CrashPlan have an expert and dedicated team for their customer support. You can call or email them your issue 24/7, and they will resolve your issue instantly.

Final Words

Beyond some disadvantages of CrashPlan, there are hundreds of reasons for choosing CrashPlan as your backup plan. With only $10 per month, you can save all of your informations. Besides, you can add private encryption that will make your information more secure.

Before ending the content I will share one last story. As I mentioned that one of my clients recommended CrashPlan for me. Somebody hacked his PC and take all his important informations. That time he did not get worried. He downloaded all his information from CrashPlan within 5 minutes.

If he does not have backup then he might be blackmailed by the hacker for those information. He needed to spend a lot of money for those information. A smart plan saves his livelihood. So, I would recommend to have a trial for one month with CrashPlan and then decide what to do.

This is all for now. We are at the end of the article. Hope you enjoyed this content. This is not only a part of my research, I have shared my experiences and some real life stories with you.

If you like this content, try one month free trial of CrashPlan, and let me know your review and stories. I would love to hear from you.