Best Movie Sharing Website – Netflix Reviews and Pricing

Netflix is one of the most popular movies streaming sites on the internet. Netflix has started its journey in 1997. It is a production company based in America. They produce movies and web series and sometimes they purchase copyrights of different movies for their users.

If you are a user of Netflix, you can enjoy unlimited movies, TV shows with a certain amount of subscription fees. 


Netflix is basically a streaming website that allows you to watch a variety of movies, TV shows, anime, documentary, etc. You can watch unlimited shows without a single commercial break.

Almost every single week, Netflix adds something new for its users.


Sign Up is easy

The sign-up process on Netflix is easy. You just need to add your email and click sign up now. Then add the payment method and select the devices you need to add. This is simple and easy.

Watch Anywhere, Anytime

You can watch movies or tv shows on Netflix, no matter where ever you are on the planet. You can watch it anytime you want. You just need to have a Netflix account, a good internet connection, and a device where you can watch your favorite shows.

Unlimited Device

If you have a Netflix account, you can enjoy your favorite movies, or shows on unlimited devices. You can watch directly from their website or you can download the app from the app store or play store and watch whatever you want to watch.

You can also watch movies on your smart TV as well. You just need to login on your Netflix account with your smart TV.

Download Offline

It is obvious that you won’t have internet access all the time. So, you can download your favorite movies, anime, shows, and watch it offline anytime.

Kids Profile

Netflix provides you a kids’ profile by default. As Netflix is for your family and friends, so they are offering a kids profile where your child can watch unlimited cartoon movies, and shows.

Parent Control

If your Netflix account has multiple profiles (Maximum four), you will have the parent control for each and every profile. You can see whatever they are watching, their wishlist, history, etc. You can manage and remove their profile anytime you want. 


Netflix is such a streaming site where you can watch award-winning movies at an affordable price. The price actually starts from $7.99/month to $11.99/month. It varies on the number of profiles you want on your account.

Basically Netflix has three pricing plans for its users. They are the Basic, Standard, and Premium. The basic plan costs $7.99/month. It allows you to watch videos at a normal quality on unlimited devices and you can watch at one screen at a time.

Whereas, the Standard plan costs $9.99/month and you can watch on two screens at a time. The video quality will be HD.

On the other hand, the Premium plan will cost you $11.99/month. It allows you to watch, HD and Ultra HD videos, four screens at a time, watch movies on unlimited devices, and lots more.

Cancel Anytime!

Suppose, you have registered on Netflix and somehow you don’t like the interface or movies, you can cancel anytime you want. They won’t charge you any kind of extra cost for that.

Besides, Netflix is offering you a one-month free trial. If you are new to Netflix you can enjoy movies free for a month. There will be no hidden charge. If you like it you can pay the subscription fees for the next month and enjoy it. Otherwise, you can cancel if you want.