Best Five Online Fax Services for 2020

We have to admit that we are highly addicted to the internet nowadays. We use the internet in almost every activity of our daily life. Say for example if we need to know about something we search it on Google. Besides, we do online shopping, pays our bills, do online money transactions, etc.

We cannot think of a single moment without the internet. We can undoubtedly say that it is a blessing for all of us. It makes us more productive and saves time. However, it also introduces us to a paperless world.

Online fax services are such a technology that is an addition to make our life easier. Here, we will share the best five online fax services for 2020 that are widely used to bring ease to work.

So, let’s get started.

SR Fax

If you are looking for the best online fax service for 2020 that is fully secured then you should definitely go for SR Fax. SR Fax follows the HIPPA encryption protocol.

SR Fax is completely designed for the medical industry. We all know that the medical industry has so much confidential information that they need to send and receive every single day. That’s why they will need the most secure fax service. 

That is the reason why SR Fax has been introduced. SR Fax is fully concerned about information security. Without sacrificing the core features and functions, SR Fax has introduced multiple levels of data encryption. 

SR Fax offers 24/7 customer support and back up your information features for you. 

Ring Central

Among all the best online fax services for 2020 in the list, Ring Central is the best online fax service and it is one of our highly recommended services for small businesses.

Ring Central has an intuitive interface and some great features that influence us to declare as one of the best online fax services for this year. It has a strong security feature that will undoubtedly keep your information safe. 

It has offered three pricing plans for its users. They are Fax 1500, Fax 2500, and Fax Unlimited. Among the three of them, Fax 1500 and Fax unlimited are the most popular plans so far.

Fax 1500 costs $17.99/month where you can send 1500 pages. Additional pages might cost around 4.9 cents/page. On the other hand, you can send unlimited pages, unlimited video meetings, screen sharing features at only $39.99/month.


There are many small businesses that have multiple teams on their company and every team needs to use a fax service. For these types of businesses, mFax online fax service has been introduced.

mFax is a cloud-based online fax service. It stores all your sent and received faxes in an organized way. We have tested hundreds of online fax service so far. Among all of them, it is the most user-friendly and flexible fax service we have ever seen.

It has a monthly and yearly subscription features with multiple pricing plans. Most of the plans are designed for small businesses. 


Faxage will be a popular choice for 2020. It is relatively expensive but in terms of features, it is affordable. Each and every plan has been designed with some unique and comprehensive features.

Faxage is concerned about the security of your information. Besides, you can add unlimited users to your plan without any cost. However, Faxage has introduced API integration.

Fax Better

From its name, we can guess that it can be one of the best online fax services for 2020. Fax Better would be a good choice for incoming fax solution. 

Fax Better allows you to receive 20 pages per month without paying a single penny. It is a Fax to email service. That means all the faxes you receive will be treated as an email. 

If you use email on a regular basis and shifted to Fax Better, you will see that both of the interfaces are similar. You will not need any training to learn how to use it.

All the paid plans have unlimited storage, so you don’t need to delete any fax to receive another one. Besides, Fax Better is offering some paid features for free that other companies used to charge extra.

Bottom Line

Finally, I would say that choosing the best online fax services in 2020 is not an easy task. Those recommendations seem the best to me might be the worst for you. A best online fax service for you depend on your requirement. I would love to inform you that I have to keep everyone’s common requirements in mind while making this list.

I think this list of the best five online fax services of 2020 will give you an idea and help you to choose the right one for you.