Best Business Management and PayRoll Software, OnPay Reviews

I have been doing multiple businesses online for the last five years. As I have multiple businesses, I have around 50+ employees who help me grow online.

Since the beginning of 2017, I was doing the payroll processes manually. I was always feeling stressed at the end of the month. Because I need to pay my employees. Sometimes, the payment was delayed. I know it demotivates the employees but I did not know how to make it faster. I was clueless.

One day I found an online payroll system while I was looking for a different online product. I started to do research about it. I found it easy, affordable, faster. I was amazed at the features and start the trial version immediately. 

Since then I am still using the product and today I am going to share my experience with it. Yes! You are right. I am going to share my own experience with OnPay.

You will be glad to know that OnPay is the best payroll service in 2020. OnPay will help you to make your payment easier and faster. Besides, it is affordable and appropriate for any small business. Moreover, You can also add payroll to QuickBooks or Xero instantly. 

What is OnPay?

OnPay is basically a cloud-based online payroll system. It is an easy-to-use, user-friendly, affordable payroll system for small businesses.

I would love to mention one thing about OnPay is that it is not a startup, it’s a business. OnPay knows exactly what you want and their dedicated team is always there to assist you whenever you need them.

OnPay was started in 2015. Since then they are trying to improve their services like customer service, expanding into HR and benefits, providing small businesses unsurpassed levels, and so on.

I must say that OnPay has a dedicated team who are working really hard to combine its business with the latest technology. It will definitely help them to get customer satisfaction.

What Makes OnPay Different?

There are three reasons that make OnPay different.

User-friendly Interface

OnPay will provide you a user-friendly interface. It is simple and easy-to-use. If you know how to browse the internet and if you have basic computer skills, you can easily use it. You don’t need to hire anyone for that.

Fast Loading Time

As OnPay is a cloud-based online payroll system, that means you can use it from any of your devices. OnPay will provide you fast loading time and speed up everything so that you don’t need to wait for so long.

Payment Preview

OnPay has a payment preview facility that makes them different from other payroll services. It will help you to avoid mistakes during the payment process.

Why You Should Choose OnPay?

Nowadays, OnPay is offering top-rated service in the market. If you are doing payroll manually, it is high time to switch to OnPay. Even if you are using a payroll service already, you should switch to OnPay.

Why? Well, I know that payroll account migration is a daunting task and nobody wants to do that. 

OnPay has some qualities that will definitely make you think to choose OnPay as your online payroll system. 

Best payroll service in the market

OnPay is offering the top-rated service to its clients. Since the beginning, they have processed around $2 billion dollars in payroll annually for companies across the United States.

While using OnPay, you don’t need to worry about taking backup of your information. OnPay has a dedicated team who are assigned to take all the backup and store it to their server.

Expert Customer Support

OnPay has an award-winning customer support team. They are available to help you whenever you need any kind of help. They have email, live chat, and phone call feature. You can choose any of the methods to contact them to get assistance.

Account Migration is Free

As you know account migration is a difficult task and there are many payroll services that charge a certain amount of fee to do it for you. But on OnPay Account Migration is completely free. 

The Expert team of OnPay will take the responsibility to transfer your payroll services. You just need to provide them some information. That’s it. OnPay will be responsible if anything happens during account migration and they are responsible to resolve it. You don’t need to worry about that.

Affordable price with Quality service

OnPay is offering quality service at an affordable price. It seems impossible. Right? But it’s true. They are offering top-rated service at an affordable price that no one could ever imagine.

HR Tools for free

OnPay will give their clients access to hundreds of HR Tools for free. Some of the tools are Custom personnel checklists, DHR resource library, Compliance audits, and many more.


Before using a product or service, we would love to know the features of the product. OnPay has numerous features that can be described or you can find it on their website. But for me, there are four major features on OnPay that are really important in any product.

Simple Interface

As I have said before OnPay has introduced a simple interface for their clients. You don’t need to hire anyone to use it. Even, you don’t need to offer training to your employees for that. Anyone can use it if he has basic computer skills.

Customer Support

OnPay has an expert customer support team to assist their clients. They are trying to improve their services every day to assist their customers and provide services in the best possible ways.


When I was researching OnPay, I was amazed at the price. I was not sure about the service. But when I started using it, I have been convinced to change my thoughts about them. OnPay is offering the best service at an affordable price.

Employee Self-Service makes life easy

OnPay Introduces Employee Self-Service facility that will make your work life easier. If you are an OnPay user, you can give access to your employees to do Self-onboarding, Change address and personal information, employment docs, and tax forms, etc. It will save you time and energy.

Pricing and Plans

I have told you several times that you won’t get the top-rated service at such an affordable price anywhere except OnPay. When I wanted to use OnPay, I went to their Price section and I was amazed. 

They have divided their price into the base fee and per employee free. The base fee is the same for everyone which is $36/month. On the other hand, per employee fee is $4/person. That means how many employees you have you need to multiply with $4 and add it with the base fee. You will get your monthly subscription fee.

Confused? Looks difficult? Don’t worry. OnPay has a built-in calculator on its website which will help you to calculate your monthly subscription fee. You just need to drag the navigation and select the number of employees you have. The calculator will show you the money you need to pay per month. 

Final Verdict

If you are still confused about the price or any features or have doubts you can use OnPay for a month. They are offering a month free trial. You don’t need to spend money on that. So why are you waiting for? Try out now!