1password Reviews: The Best Password Manager Online

  How many times have we found ourselves confuses with passwords?

Many people will say “it’s often to me.”

All secure websites require us to login and this could become a nightmare. When you forget your password, the situation worsens.

But these all belong to the past. Now, a revolutionary web service promises to remember passwords for you. And these all are done with extreme safety.

Let’s welcome the 1password and start feeling sure for our logins again.

1password reviews

1password Reviews

          1password is a software that can gather and store all your passwords. You must only remember one password to enter the application.

There is a safe password vault that ensures you for secure storage of all your different passwords. Hackers and thieves have no chance on gaining access to them.

          In 1password, you can save passwords from different web pages and accounts while surfing on the net. Just pressing one button and the application stores the sensitive information.

 As simple as that it is. It offers enhanced encryption. Your sensitive information is kept secret.

1password Plans

          Both families and businesses can use 1password to keep their information secure. Families can save their credit card passwords and other sensitive information.

The moderators can give limited access to younger members of the family. All information is kept safe and secure. The application is always updated to ensure maximum safety and customer satisfaction.

          Businesses can launch the application giving access to their employees as well. It can generate reports given to the account moderators. Online information that need to be secured from employees, can get into a different file.

Sensitive material is safely stored within the application. 1password.com guarantees the final user satisfaction.

Features and Pricing

          It is extremely affordable.

Family edition starts from as low as $4.99 per month. This refers to a family of 5 members constantly using the application. It includes unlimited passwords, credit cards and secure notes.

Document storage of 1GB is also offered. Subscription to the site leads to access to award winning applications for Mac or Android.

There is also 24/7 online support for all users.

          The prices are kept low for business users as well.

The Business edition comes at the minimal price of $7.99 per month. It includes access to all employees of the company.

This plan includes unlimited passwords and enhanced security for business information. Access to sensitive data is kept from people that do not directly need it.

There are free reports for password users and easy deployment.

How is the security guaranteed in this site?

          The site stores your passwords information on the most secure infrastructure provider in the world. The Amazon web services. Key Management Service (KMS) hardware encryption is applied. As a result, the Secure Remote Protocol (SRP) hardens.This gives extra security to the user.

          Then there is the use of next generation encryption standards like WebCrypto. This protocol gives direct access to system’s random number generator. This is a huge revolution for password protection and encryption as well.

          The site in also on constant fight with online warms and bugs. The launch of the Bugcrowd program helps keeping the security of information.

          Finally, encryption is applied to its highest level. Double and triple encryption is an option available for all customers. Data at rest and in transit are secured using multiple techniques based in AES-256bit encryption.

1password Partnars and Users

          Packs of successful companies already use the application. Geckoboard is a proud user of 1password application features and enjoys high employee satisfaction. Their manager was able to set up custom groups and easily share items with enhanced security to people that needed them.

          Another affiliate is the Netguru, which admired the combination of power, ease and security offered by 1password.com. Better and easier passwords shared across the organization has been the contribution to Netguru business.

Meisterlabs, which is an international software development program, is another satisfied user of 1password. The application offered them the freedom to share sensitive information and data to new team members who join regularly.

Not to mention that 1password solutions played a large part in enabling fast growth and expansion.

As you can see successful businesses decide to participate in the 1password services. You can expand your business by registering to 1password.com right away.

Customer Support

          Friendly personnel are always there to help users. Either by email, chat or phone you can have all inquiries answered in a matter of minutes. Not to mention, there is the possibility of communication through social media like Twitter upon request.

The primary way of getting in touch are the e-mail communication canals. People are here to assist you and never have a question not answered properly.


          The 1password.com is the undoubted champion of the online password saving sites. It is fast and easy to learn. You can use it on multiple operating systems including iOS and Android.

It uses Amazon servers to enhance security and reliability. You can be sure that your passwords remain safe with the best servers in the world.

          The application uses modern encryption methods. This gives it the opportunity to be always one step ahead of online thieves and hackers. Secure servers and remote password generators are the key components of the innovation that 1password offers to its customers.

          The reputation is a huge factor of success for 1password.com. Companies with online activities across the world trust their passwords in this site. If you want to be with the team of the most successful businesses in the world register with 1password, where all the leaders save their valuable information.

          Pricing is another major component of 1password.com success. Offering a handful of choices for its potential customers, it can guarantee satisfaction. 1password offers extremely affordable prices both for family and business users. It can penetrate to the most difficult part of the password saving business. Then it can give solutions to your company as well.

          Finally, the easy to use interface makes password saving a real walk in the park. Being with the best makes you look your best. With 1password.com you enter the team of success.