What is Domain Name – How to Choose a Perfect Domain Name for Your Website

How much time and effort do you spend while you need to choose a domain name? Do you even think about what name would suit to your work? Do you understand clearly, what is the domain name?

If you are new on the website building planet but you still need a website, you should first make your conception clear about what is a domain name, website, web hosting etc. It is not important to be a technical guy to build a website.

how to choose a domain name

A person who has a business, no matter whether it is small or big, need a website to promote it through the internet and reach customers out all over the world. To build a website, you should know the following things first.

What is Domain Name?

In very simple words, a domain name is the name of your business that you have or will have. Domain name is the identity of your website. It shows your first impression of your website or business to the customers/visitors.

An example of a domain name is “guidepen.com”. Many websites URL on the address bar shows with www.guidepen.com, this is not a matter. Both are ok.

A domain name provides recognition to your website to the internet users. As the domain name is unique, it ensures that the name you provided, it’s you. Domain name is used on URLs to define and address a webpage.

A domain name gives the name and identity of one or more IP addresses. It hides the real IP address and shows the name to visitors for privacy and security.

The domain name should be bought from web hosting provider and domain name registrar companies. There is no exact price fixed for domain names. Several companies offer different prices.

Some companies offer FREE domain name with their web hosting plans. These are a very good opportunity for beginners to start their business up at less cost.

Why Need a Domain Name?

A domain gives the first look at your business. It is very important to choose a domain name that very related to your business. It’s better to use the brand of your business.

Before making a website, you should give a name to it. Otherwise, it will not come live on the internet.

It works like a gateway to your website. Visitors can see your website going through this name.  When they remain on the website, the domain name is seen on URL.

The domain is the brand that you are promoting. It increases your recognition on the planet. In SEO, it has a good impact. Although it is a very bad practice to use a keyword on the domain name, a related long tail name would help you get the best result in SEO and Google ranking.

How to Choose a Domain Name?

It is not so hard to find and select a domain name for your website. Simple and easy techniques will help you choose the perfect name that suits your business. If you already have a familiar and recognizable business name, you should take that name for fats spreading of the brand.

If you don’t have such a name, it’s a quite easy job to find it. There are many websites who gives the opportunity to search for a domain name to check its availability.

While searching, keep the following points in your mind to sort the best name out.

Find a domain name

Unique and Brandable

The domain name you are choosing should be unique. It is better to choose one which seems to be a brand name. People like brands than small shops. The name should not contain a keyword.

In terms of uniqueness, choose that one which has no match or similarity to another website.

guidepen.com is a unique name.

But, thebestguidepen.com or bestwebhostprovider.com or bestwebhosting.com are not a brand name or not unique. These contain search keywords and similar to guidepen.com

Keep it Short and Catchy

Search and search your domain name to find the shortest one. You can search using the first letters of your business name. The shortest the name, the easiest it to remember.

For example – if your business or enterprise name is “Web Host Brand”, then search first for “WHB.com”. These type of short names are sold a long time ago. Nowadays, it is quite impossible to find a name under 4 letters.

It is a stroke of good luck for you if you find that type of name. These short names are the priority to choose a domain name. When these names are not available, make a combination of your company name’s words. But try to keep it as short as possible.

Try to choose an eye-catching name. A beautiful name is easy to remember and lovely.

Easy to Remember and Pronounce

The name should be easy to remember so that your customers can find it next time easily. If it is not, you can lose your customers and traffic. Good pronunciation and correct spelling words are wanted.

Misspelled and hard to pronounce words are not acceptable. As these words can misguide your traffic. There is a possibility of expansion of your business and enterprise by the mouth of people. If it is not pronounceable and misspelled, your traffic will go to another website.

So, make sure it is pronounced well by people and has no spelling mistake.

Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

It is better not to use hyphens or numbers in your domain name. As before I have said, the name should be correct-spelled and easy to pronounce, using hyphens and numbers make it difficult.

Your domain name should be smooth. Using hyphens and numbers make the way rough to spread the name easily. So, only stick to choose a name with only letters.

Choose Appropriate Domain Name Extension

top domain name tlds

Every domain has suffixes or extension at the end of the name. There are so many extensions available for domain names. You should use the right one with your domain name.

For example – if you want to build a niche website or general website .com domain remains always at the top on demand.

For any kind of organization .org extension suits well.

A website which serves information of either on a particular topic or any kind, it is better to use .info extension for it. You also can build a portfolio website of your own with this type of extension.

For a technology website .net, .tech etc domain extensions are perfect.

For business websites, you can opt for the .biz extension.

Similarly, the other extensions have a definite use for a website. Some extensions you will find there as country name extensions.

For example – .bd for Bangladesh .us for United States .uk for United Kingdom .ca for Canada etc.

Our Verdict

When you choose and buy a domain name and use it as your company brand, someone would try to make a misspelled website that is very similar to your one. So, to keep your brand protected from fraud, try to buy the same domain name with a different top extension.

You need not to make all websites. You can redirect others to your main website.

Once you have chosen the domain name, you should buy it ASAP before anyone picks it. On the web, people are searching for domain names at every moment and buy them.

So, you should not lose your one in a delay. Make your decision quickly and buy it.