Fax vs. Email – Why Online Fax is Better Than Email

Almost all young people think that the old generation is really backdated. They are unwilling to use the current technology and they think they are the best. But there are some old generation people who also want to keep pace with the current generation and innovate the things they are used to.

Say for example in the past, people use fax in their business. It needs a lot of paper. As technology has introduced emails, most of the people from this generation started using email. Because, they think it reduces their expenses on papers, its highly secured, etc. etc.

Have you ever thought what will happen if your mail-id got hacked? No idea, right? For me, fax is costly. It needs a lot of paper. But No you can fax your documents online. Yes, you heard it right.

Now, there are many online fax service providers who will help you to send a fax online. You don’t need to spend money on paper, and it is highly secured as well.

Security could be one reason, but there are more reasons why online fax is better than email.

I am an entrepreneur from this generation and I also use email for my business. But now I have been using Online fax instead of using emails. It helps me feel secure.

About Email

Email is basically a process of exchanging messages between single or multiple users. If we simplify this, email is an electronic message that contains text, colors, images, files, etc. and it sends through the internet to another single or multiple users.

Email helps you to send instant messages. Email is completely free. You just need to open an email account on Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. to send emails to your desired users.

About Online Fax

Fax is a telephonic transmission of a document. The fax will help you to send an exact copy of any documents through electronic scanning and transmitted the information by telecommunications links. When the fax was introduced, it consumes a lot of paper. But nowadays, online fax or cloud-based fax has been introduced. 

You can send a fax internationally through a computer network with an online fax. It has made the process of sending fax more simple and easier. Besides, it also finishes the consumption of using paper.

Online fax vs Email- Which one is better?

Online Fax Vs Email

First of all, email is basically a newly invented technology. Sending an email is not that secure because it’s like writing a letter and post it on the letterbox.

When you send an email, it can be read by anyone who can handle the journey to the destination like the ISP, servers, virus checkers and even data harvesting bots, and many more. The reason is your email has not been encrypted when it will be sent to another user. Any third party can read and download if they want.

On the other hand, Manual faxing or cloud-based faxing is highly secured than email. Fax uses PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) to keep your information secure. When you send a fax to another person, it will encrypt your information to the base64 binary from your end and send it to the PSTN network. After that, it will send it to the destination and decrypt it. 

However, hacking off the PSTN Network is not possible because it requires direct access to the telephone line. If anyone gets access and hacked the PSTN Network, they will see a blank paper with noise. They won’t be able to read anything from your document. 

If you ask my opinion to choose a better option between fax and email, I would definitely recommend the fax because it is highly secured. Right now there are so many online fax providers in the market. You don’t need to bear paper costs these days. Online fax is really easy, simple and secure than email..